Who Is OBS?

OBS is established since 12th December 2013 by given name Outdoor Bag Store, we study, research and providing GOOD quality backpacks and gears for you in Malaysia. 


Why Did We Create This Brand?

Back in 2013, there were not as many online shops as there are today. In those days, it was extremely hard to get reliable information on choosing good backpacks. Plus, the market was also full of counterfeit goods at that time.

Hence. we decided to start OBS, where customer can get the correct information and suggestion choosing a correct backpack. We believe that everyone deserves to get the best quality for their backpacks. We aim to provide useful information, good quality backpacks and relevant support to our customers.

Why The Name Outdoor Bag Store?

It was too exciting to start the journey, without further delay and we decided to go straight to the point “Outdoor Bag Store”. Representing a place where you can get an Outdoor bag.

Why OBS Then?

After years of emerging in the market, both customers and we are frequently using the name OBS when referring us. So, for better recognition here we are