The 6 Deuter Back Systems


Each person is unique. Each outdoor activity has its specific challenges. As faithful companions uphill and downhill, on the bike or on the climbing rope, we have developed different back systems. Each is tailored to specific requirements. Now find the system that suits you best!

Deuter Aircomfort


On small to medium backpacks that are at home in easier terrain we go for maximum ventilation. The heart of the Aircomfort systems – tested and proven for decades – is its flexible spring steel frame. It is extremely durable, provides stable tension for the airy back mesh and creates the ventilation space between pack and wearer’s back for the moist, warm air to dissipate. 1984 deuter invented & patented the first mesh back system worldwide.


Up to 25 % less perspiration thanks to the maximum ventilation achieved by the Aircomfort mesh construction. This reduces circulatory stress for more endurance – tested and proven by the renowned Research Institute Hohenstein.

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Deuter Aircontact


The easiest way to carry heavy loads is when backpack and wearer become one. This is what our Aircontact principle is all about: the body contact system brings the weight close to the body and therefore close to the center of gravity. This results in full pack control and an effective load transfer. Furthermore, our Aircontact cushions made from special hollow chamber foam guarantee fantastic ventilation due to the pump effect of every movement.


Up to 15 % less perspiration as with a standard compact back system (proven in tests conducted by Gabriel L.&T and the University of Erlangen) – combined with outstanding load transfer and a secure, perfectly balanced fit.

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Deuter AirStripes


In any riding situation, a bike backpack must sit close to your back. Our unique Airstripes system ensures a wobble-free fit including ventilation: fresh air continuously circulates between the AirstripesPolster with ventilation channels and WideAirMesh cover thanks to the low back support. At the same time, the weight is always kept close to the body. Centrifugal forces can thus hardly act and the backpack does not break out.


During all riding maneuvers, the backpack sits compactly and securely on the back. At the same time, the Airstripes pads with ventilation channels guarantee free air circulation over 80% of the back thanks to their small contact surface.

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Deuter Alpine


For backpacks for alpine use, it is crucial to coordinate wearing comfort, durability and function in a weight-optimized way. The Alpine System is the answer to this challenge. Its two Softstripe pads flexibly hug the back with every movement. In conjunction with the slim pack sack, the load is always kept close to the body’s center of gravity. This guarantees full control over the backpack.


The Alpine System combines a tight, secure fit for concentrated action in difficult terrain with maximum comfort and pleasant ventilation between the two Softstripe back pads.

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Deuter Lite


Our lightweight backpacks come into their own during endurance sports and Alpine day treks. Reduced to the essential, they are ideal for comfortably carrying light to medium loads depending on the volume. However, lightness must never come at the expense of durability. That is and always was our corporate philosophy, bevause disposable products put a strain on the environment and a backpack that falls apart high up in the mountains can also be dangerous.


Our lightweights are designed for everyone who wants to travel light without forgoing carrying comfort and durability.

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Deuter Contact


The ergonomically shaped back cushions of the Contact System hug the back and distribute the weight of the load evenly, relieving the load on the back. Additionally, loads are carried easiest when they are close to the body. Channels between the cushions as well the breathable, sturdy 3D Airmesh lining provide pleasant ventilation.


Ergonomically shaped Contact back cushions provide carrying comfort that relieves the back while keeping the weight of the load close to the body and distributing it evenly.

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