The Osprey Story


History of Osprey Pack

Are you planning an adventurous trek? Want to buy a backpack? Then definitely try your hands on Osprey backpacks known for quality with a lifetime commitment. Osprey is the dream and hard effort of the owner and founder Michael Pfotenhauer.  It was his vision to use and also make the most useful and beautiful backpacks with maximum functionality and durability. For the past 40 years, this company has seen great progress. This is dedicated to the founder who scrutinizes every product before it is released into the market. Osprey Packs has reached maximum heights because of the hard effort put in by Michael from stitching the first few lines of the backpacks, to designing new products with extravagant features and also by building personal relationships with every sewing operator so that the best go in bringing out the superior quality backpacks.


Owner Of Osprey – Photo By Osprey Packs Official Site

Making of Osprey backpacks

It all started about 40 years back when Mike as a young lad along with his brothers in his hometown Oregon wore a backpack with absolutely a very awful fit. This made him learn sewing with his mother’s guidance and he created a beautiful backpack of his own when he was just 16 years old. As he grew up, he opened his own shop in California where he drew large backpack lovers and travelers to get their own custom fitted backpacks by him. He individually designed and sewed them for them. The original name of Osprey Packs was Santa Cruz Recreational Packs. As the business grew up and flourished, Mike added about 7 to 8 employees to help him with the custom-made backpacks. Then he along with his wife and business partner Diane Wren moved to Colorado and opened up their business in 8000 square foot building. As the business was expanding, Mike recruited more women to sew the Osprey Packs. With increasing demand and more and more delays, Mike began his work with a tie-up with the Korean manufacturers. Despite the distance, there was no dip in the quality of the packs. To simplify it further, Mike moved to Vietnam and closely watched every sewing operation. The best quality control and quality assurance are in place even to this day in the manufacturing unit which is the vision of Mike.


Osprey Old Factory – Photo By Osprey Official Site

Customer support of Osprey packs

Osprey Packs even to this date are leading with regards to the innovations and also the designs. The company strives to make whatever they create to last forever. The Osprey packs are sewed with a promise to last. But in case of any defects, the company provides functional repair services or even replaces the product to the customer. Osprey backpacks are designed to create a special bond and relationship between the pack and its wearer, the backpack and the maker of the beautiful product and also the company and its dedicated staff. Whenever you think of adventure, contact Osprey Packs and customize the pack that is made exclusively for you with passion and curiosity.  


A Short Video Of Osprey Packs

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